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Christian Svoboda
CTO, Exigent Studios

The Team at Providence have been involved in many web development projects over the years for a number of varied businesses, examples of which include:

Organizational Development
Resources (ODR)

ODR provides corporate development solutions to help companies get the most out of their assets.  ODR required a modern website that had elements of tradition that reflected their practical style. Exigent worked with the company to create visual representations of their business approach including a 3 block model and the entire website design and content management system based on the Pandora Portal.

Logan Chamber of Commerce

The Logan Chamber of Commerce joint initiative with Commerce Queensland to provide local chambers with a powerful website and chamber management infrastructure resulted in a new website design that plugged into the existing YourChamber.net infrastructure.

Hotel, Motel and Accommodation
Association of Australia

The Hotel, Motel and Accommodation Association required a complete overhaul of their communication strategy. Exigent Studios designed and developed two platforms that were focused on better member management and communication. The first is the public/members only website and the second is a web-based Customer Relationship Manager.

Restaurant and Catering Association of Queensland

The Restaurant and Catering Association required a complete reconstruction of their communication strategy. We designed and developed two platforms that were focused on better member management and communication. Click here for Case Study review.

Logan City Council

The Logan City Council required a design for their new websites. We worked closely with the council to devise a style that would use their colors, while still providing a sense of fun and informality. Logan City continues to work with Us for a number of pilot initiatives and unique endeavors.

Lube Mobile

Lube Mobile is Australia's most recognized mobile mechanic service. They required a full redesign of their existing brochure site in order to improve site functionality and professionalism.

It has been reported by Lube Mobile management that online bookings roughly doubled after the redesign.  The increase was largely attributed to a look and feel that accurately transported the highly visible Lube Mobile brand online, while simplifying the online booking process.

We were also commissioned to undertake Search Engine Optimization, a process which resulting in the listing of Lube Mobile on the first page of all major search engines.

Giddy Goanna

Giddy Goanna is Australia's most recognizable Child Safety character. The site was designed by Sheldrake creative while we customized and deployed ProductX and OrderX to allow Giddy customers to purchase Giddy Goanna books and merchandise over the internet.

ProductX allows Giddy Goanna website administrators to manage the product catalogue while OrderX allows customers to securely place an order with a shopping cart.  Postage and handling calculations are also made 'on the fly' taking into account item quantities and shipping destinations.

eXplanations unLimited

eXplanations unLimited is at the forefront of resource management training in Australia. The site is managed by a dynamic content and administration system - ContentX.  The web strategy developed for the group promotes the company's activities whilst providing a support mechanism for their e-learning products and courses.

John Marshall Builders

John Marshall builders wanted to present their company as a strong player in the rapidly growing Brisbane property market and engaged us to design and develop the website as well as write copy for the company.

Atherton Motel

The Atherton Motel is positioned on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. The motel offers beautiful views, restaurants and 3½ star service! Working closely with the managers we created an online experience that gave a taste of the motel and also integrated an online booking engine so that customers can book directly.

Logan Chamber of Commerce

The Logan Chamber of Commerce is the heart of Logan City's business community. We, having partnered with them as their preferred web development and consultancy firm, launched the first stage of their new website at a special cocktail night event.

The website enables chamber staff to submit and manage newsletters, calendar events and a searchable member directory making the pages easy to update and a makes the website a valuable resource to chamber members.

Property & Lifestyle

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland required a future-proof solution that would represent and support their all-new Qld Property & Lifestyle magazine online! We developed a site that incorporated the QPL look and feel while adapting it to web-based content and issue by issue publication.


Petals on the plaza was Queensland's largest chain of florists. Now they are one of the most comprehensive and functionally rich online florist shop fronts in Australia, taking orders from around the nation, and around the world.

We designed and developed a solution that not only sold flowers, but ensured return and value-added business through intuitive reminder systems, customer tracking facilities and a clever shopping cart process.

Whatsthego.net Corporate Services

WTG allows organizations to easily list events on their own website, share their event information with other websites and source event information from other organizations.

WTG required a site that would convey their complex range of products and services with style and simplicity. We developed this elegant website with a focus on the client's needs corresponding to WTG services and products.


The Australian Independent Friendly Society required a re-development of their website to better reflect their corporate identity. AIFS also required the ability to have full control over site content and resources as well as make available a print version and search feature for their customers.

We implemented ContentX to power a stylish design and provide the society with an updated web strategy.

Wildwords Festival

The WildWords Festival brought together more than 2,000 students and 150 staff from the seven Gateway Learning Community schools. They were involved, engaged and enlivened by a week of multi-literate experiences beyond the realm of the classroom.

As part of its ongoing commitment to e-learning and the education sector, We sponsored the festival providing Web design and development services.

What's The go?

"What's the go" is a unique events promotion network developed on .net web services. WTG is a combination of technology, services and content that makes the creation, promotion and use of event information anywhere in the world easy and effective.

Catalyst Promotional Website

Catalyst is a premier platform for business software development. We crafted a marketing brand and website to reflect the dynamic and elegant platform while maintaining a clean aesthetic look.

The 'inCatalyst' site is designed to service the needs of all 3 markets of Catalyst customers - End-users, Developers and Consultants.


FileUP.net is a unique service that allows users to transfer files 'just too large for email'.

We crafted the brand, marketing materials and interface to make the service a slick and easy way to extend email functionality. We also designed a robust upload, package retrieval and billing system.


This is a full-flash website that showcases our creative multimedia capabilities.

Without sacrificing bandwidth time, we equipped the site with sounds and animations (a swimming turtle greets every site visitor). The site is constantly being praised in several design circles.

STYLE Magazine

This is a high-impact Flash presentation that we created for the launching presentation of STYLE Magazine.

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