“An innovative approach, quality source delivered on time and on budget - what more could we ask for?”

Christian Svoboda
CTO, Exigent Studios

14th February 2015 - Media Release -
Business Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability

Providence Solutions Corporation CEO and President Morris Fedeli continues his research into Business Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability looking at key issues of how to successfully redefine, redevelop, refine and reintegrate modern business methods and practices ensuring business' continually innovate and transform to successfully stay ahead of competitors in a socially and environmentally responsible way. The study involves developing a new business sustainability model by analysing practices around the world with particular emphasis in key markets where Providence and its clients operate, namely Australia and Asia.

16th December 2014 - Media Release -
Thailand & Cambodia

The recent decade has seen Providence Solutions Corporation invest heavily in China, HK and Philippines with occasional forays into Thailand. Following several trips in recent years to Thailand and nearby Cambodia, Providence has sought to further investigate opportunities in this part of the world. This month once again saw our CEO/President visit Bangkok and Phnom Penh in persuit of such opportunities.

5th June 2014 - Media Release -
Solid State LED Lighting

As part of it's "green" initiative, PSC today makes a strategic decision to direct efforts in supporting clean modular "greyling" LED lighting technology. Designed by our close American partner and engineer, LED components are custom manufactured in the south of China and assembled at our warehouse in Clark Philippines for export around the world. With Mr Fedeli appointed Treasurer on the board of this new venture, plans are underway to expand its range of offerings as first orders will be shipped to awaiting clients in the first quarter of 2015.

22th May 2013 - Media Release -
Doing business in Cebu

Following on last year's Keynote address on CyberEspionage by our CEO/President at RootCon, PSC once again returns to familiar grounds. With major government departments such as DoD, DepEd, DepEnergy and major local ICT manufacturer and developers onboard, PSC extends it's network of partners and gains local industry and APEC recognition.

7th September 2012 - Media Release -
Cyber Espionage hits Philippines

CEO and President of Providence Solutions, Mr Fedeli is keynote speaker at Rootcon#6 held in Cebu City. Following many years of working on the edge of internet security and his recent engagement in China he speaks openly on Cyber Espionage - how to sell a country in 17 days!

3rd May 2012 - Media Release -
Providence International Group Limited (HK)
As part of our strategic growth plan, Providence opens new office in Mong Kok Kowloon, Hong Kong. Together with sister organisations this brings our worldwide footprint to cover business operations in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Philippines, Switzerland, Thailand and USA.

18th August 2011 - Media Release -
E-say has their say!

Top Chinese/Korean eLearning company partners with Providence solutions to expand its reach by establishing a back end contact center in Makati Philippines.

7th June 2011 - Media Release -
Making it an eco-friendly green

Starting 2011 with a bang, Providence Solutions Corporation focuses on a new eco-friendly project developed in conjunction with startup Hydrocore Corporation. This 500million peso, 12 year project aims to provide job opportunities and power for residents of the northern luzon area of Philippines.

21st December 2010 - Media Release -
Exploring Malaysia

Providence Solutions introduces online ecommerce and engages with local HK based exporter, the Caborn Group of Companies with wide ranging operations throughout SEA and China mainland including Taiwan. Malaysia is seen to be a future promising market, with Providence chief beginning evaluations on opportunities in Kualalumpur and later in the year he will be visiting Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.

26th August 2010 - Media Release -
Opportunities in Thailand

Following a recent successful business trip by our CEO, Mr Fedeli to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia, Providence Solutions is set to expand its influence in the region. On the drawing board are education and travel web projects in thailand, online commerce/exporting from china and hong kong and travel/export web site for a vietnamese consortium, all set to take advantage of the benefits of a global internet presence.

3rd May 2010 - Media Release -
Expanding into China

Following last year's trip to China, Providence Solutions makes a firm medium term commitment by investing in a project in the south of China. BH Learning Centers marks our foray into the education market in China. Furthermore collaborative efforts with local Korean company sees us harnessing and leveraging our call center facilities in Philippines to bring teachers and students closer using realtime online technologies with students based in Asia and teachers as far afield as USA and Australia. In July our former Operations Manager, Chito Relampagos relocates to Singapore to head up a new IT venture there with operations in 27 countries.

19th December 2009 - Media Release -
In times of change...

Looking back over the last five years since Providence Solutions Corporation started, it is clear that the world is changing exponentially. "In times of change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists" (Eric Hoffer). With this in mind, Providence Solutions is refocussing on its core strengths in education and related technologies. Back in the 90's, its holding company Odyssey World pioneered online realtime collaborative learning platforms such as ACSLearn for the Australian Computer Society.

15th July 2009 - Media Release -
China to be the next frontier

Fulfilling part of its long term ambition Providence is expanding its influence further into the Asian continent. China promises to be an exciting, growing and influencial business market in the years ahead. To this end, visits to Shanghai and Beijing were undertaken to assess the opportunities for the long term. Whilst the Chinese are new to capitalism as we know it, inroads are being made in a number of fields including construction, education, telecommunications and exports. Around 87% of the world's industrial and consumer goods are manufactured in China and exported worldwide to many countries including Australia.

17th May 2008 - Media Release -
Providence Solutions Australia restructures

Hot on the heels of its success abroad, Providence Solutions Australia restructures its activities locally. Embarking on a few new projects closer to home concentrating on its core offerings in order to assert its position in the marketplace. This year sees our former Australian manager head overseas to continue his mission in the world of data portability, 'paying attention' technologies and social networking in the USA. Also our CEO heads back to the Philippines to develop an aggressive campaign for SEA, however ends up very ill and hospitalized, effectively out of action until year end.

5th December 2007 - Media Release -
xShoring merger takes place

Following many years of cooperative business dealings, the Australian agent for Providence Solutions Corporation is acquired by Odyssey World Pty Ltd, an internet connectivity and web development company in its own right established since 1988 who will continue to trade as Providence Solutions (Australia) and will cease providing connectivity services to concentrate solely on web solutions, consultancy and training.

10th April 2006 - Media Release -
WorldCom buyout

RJ Holdings acquires full interest in WorldCom Inc to add to its live media empire including Radio, TV, productions, music academy, musical instruments and various property investments. Known as the ‘Richard Branson’ of the Philippines, Ramon Jacinto, or RJ as most people refer to him, is a well known and respected performer and business mogul. For more information visit his website at RJplanet.

17th February 2006 - Media Release -
Streaming Media Service becomes realty

In a Philippine first, RJTV in collaboration with Providence Solutions successfully showcases the outside broadcast (OB) coverage of an RJ Concert feature event Live from the RJ Bar in Makati City with local viewers watching in via traditional TV/Cable medium and simultaneously worldwide viewers watching in via the internet using the latest in streaming media technology. What makes this even more amazing is that the OB audio video component is being delivered via a wireless internet connection provided by WorldCom Inc in partnership with Providence Solutions Corp. Click here to view a small part of the broadcast.

9th September 2005 - Media Release -
WorldCom Inc launches broadband wireless internet service in Makati City

RJ Holdings in partnership with key PSC directors obtains full carrier licence and launches today the first ever commercial wireless internet service in the Philippines, months ahead of competitive announcements by SMART and Globe. Servicing the greater Makati City area it is being used by local business, internet cafes and foreign visitors staying at nearby hotels. Expansion around the country will follow using the established footprint of towers operated by the RJ Broadcasting network.

7th July 2005 - Media Release -
dShop Online 24/7 Shopping Service

Following months of development, testing and refinements, dShop v1.3 shopping cart service has finally been commissioned and made operational on behalf of RJShop, XVIL Medical Transcriptions and dBi Wireless. It features front end administration of the catalogue system and a real time eCommerce facility for the processing of credit cards. For more information please visit our portfolio pages.

15th June 2005 - Media Release -
10th ICT Professionals' Congress

As master of ceremonies at this prestigious three day event, Mr Fedeli, CEO of Providence Solutions Corporation  conducted the C-level breakfast introducing Irene Tham and discussing opportunities for asian corporations to be leaders in the forever emerging global ICT market.  The event was sponsored by PLDT, HP, Fujitsu, TI, Computerworld and PC World.  Shown here alongside Mr Fedeli are Ms Bing Van Tooren, newly elect President of PCS and Ms Irene Tham, Deputy Editor of MIS Asia who flew in from Singapore to attend.

9th June 2005 - Media Release -
Profit:Money making strategies for Cybercafe owners

Mr Fedeli, CEO of Providence Solutions was recently keynote speaker in Batangas, Philippines to a group of 380 cafe owners looking to make the most from their business investment.  As an entrepreneur, Mr Fedeli was invited to speak because of his in depth knowledge and expertise in establishing, supporting and administering cybercafe business over the last eight years within the local and overseas context. Click here for a copy of the presentation "the cyber cafe latte success formula".

3rd June 2005 - Media Release -
Mapua welcomes PCS/Providence partnership in launch of new Entrepreneurship program

The Philippines Computer Society in conjunction with Fujitsu and Providence Solutions Corporation, launched today at "Negosyo mo ITo" their Certified Catalyst Developer program which includes for a limited time FREE class room training and certification. 
"Built on .net, Catalyst represents an evolution in scalable rapid business application development allowing a developer to build 80% of an application in less than 20% of the time" says Providence Solutions Corporation CTO Cherubin Mora.
As part of the promotion and for a limited time until June 30th 2005, Providence is offering the Catalyst Developer's Edition for FREE (valued at $995) to those wishing to take on the training program - check out full offer details here.

13th May 2005 - Media Release -
Providence Solutions Operations Manager Profiled
Providence Solutions' Operations Manager appeared in all of today's major broadsheet newspapers as part of a campaign run by the country's major Telco, PLDT to lift awareness in it's  BizDSL's service aimed at SMEs.  Providence has been assisting small and large businesses alike to establish their networking infrastructure by adopting smart technologies such as wireless and DSL.

th March 2005 - Media Release -
Baguio welcomes International Speaker
Providence Solutions Corporation's CEO was welcomed recently in Baguio, Philippines, to present to other CEO's the latest on recent trends and international developments in ICT.   Seen here pictured with local RPN radio station manager, local area and national marketing manager for PLDT.

24th February 2005 - Media Release -
FIBS Cybercafe
In a managed service joint venture, Providence opens it's first cyber cafe in Makati offering food, drinks, billiards, gaming and of course several internet consoles together with a full compliment of printing, scanning and reproduction services and staffed by our qualified and internally trained supervisory Team.

14th February 2005 - Media Release -
Catalyst springboards future growth
The Providence business model represents an evolution in software development.   Through the adoption of the Catalyst application development environment, combined with the Providence Teaming Framework and Methodologies, Providence is able to develop 80% of business applications in under two weeks.  Providence is currently the only firm hiring and training Catalyst developers in the country.

4th December 2004 - Media Release -
xShoring development efforts begin
With the establishment of it's scalable infrastructure including equipment, bandwidth, development personnel, and support staff including administrators, Providence embarks on delivering it's first in a series of development projects for the Australian market place under it's xShoring business model.

29th of September 2004 - Media Release -
Providence becomes corporate member of PCS
Providence's depth of knowledge and expertise is recognized today as it receives formal recognition as a corporate member of the Philippine Computer Society, the peak body for the ICT industry in the Philippines.

2nd of June 2004 - Media Release -
Local company fights IT offshoring
In times of change, it is the learners who will inherit the earth while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists. This age old truism is the heart of a new model in outsourcing invented by a Brisbane company – Providence - in order to learn from history and prosper in the changing IT landscape. [read more...]

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