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Christian Svoboda
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2nd June, 2004

Media Release: Local company fights IT offshoring by signing a treaty

"In times of change, it is the learners who will inherit the earth while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists." - Anon

This age old truism is the heart of a new model in outsourcing pioneered by Providence; a new Brisbane Based company.

“We set out to design a business model that would allow us to capitalize on the current trend to offshore software development while securing local jobs and long-term prosperity.”, Said Chris Saad, Director of Projects.

Providence has done just that. By designing a business model whereby new local jobs are created as work inevitably went offshore.

"We observed that the real power of offshoring was not about reducing costs, but rather about increasing quality, consistency, and scalability" Said Mr. Saad, "we felt that this was best achieved by developing a hybrid of offshore and onshore outsourcing - a model called xShoring (pronounced Cross Shoring)."

xShoring is all about a holistic interplay between a quality, local consultancy and architecture team and an offshore development powerhouse working together as one tightly integrated business entity.

With Providence and the xShoring model, the company offers local businesses a way of ‘offshoring’ their projects to a trusted, local provider. This ensures they have local representation, project management, creativity and quality. However the benefits don’t stop there.

Because of reduced offshore costs, Providence also employs a proportional number of local architects, consultants and project managers.

"By separating architecture and programming across an ocean, we are able to, almost by necessity, employ strict process and project management controls. This improves our capacity for quality and consistency." Said Mr. Saad.

Providence is offering these services exclusively to local web developers in a wholesale/retail arrangement. This means that firms who have traditionally struggled to create a consistent development process (including proper architecture, documentation and testing) are now able to improve their quality controls by working with Providence. Those who have already managed to employ these processes in their development environments are able to maintain the consistency while reducing costs.

The goal with Providence is to learn the lessons of the manufacturing industry. Providence believes that traditional software development jobs will inevitability move offshore - therefore the local industry must adapt.

"With this model, we are changing the role of the local industry from one of development to one of innovation, consultation, differentiation and growth." Said Mr. Saad.

More information at www.providencecorp.com

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