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Providence has been involved in the development of a diverse range of application development solutions including:

The Catalyst Canvas platform represents thousands of development hours focused on providing developers with a business centric environment on top of which to engineer their software components and applications.

Click here for further details on how Catalyst can help you in your Business or as a Developer.


Helix is Equinox's range of Catalyst based components. Helix components are designed as extensible building blocks to be used by application developers as part of an eBusiness application and end-to-end enterprise solution.


Inflexion empowers organizations to manage their business relationships. They can profile their customers and members, keep records on their suppliers and partners and convert their opportunities.

Click here for more information on InflexionCRM Solutions.


Pandora empowers communities to distribute content, express their opinion, foster growth and keep track of important dates, links and more - in real-time.

Click here for more information on Pandora Portal Solutions.


WTG allows organizations to easily list events on their own website, share their event information with other websites and source event information from other organizations.

This is facilitated via various versions of WTG technology (including the offsite calendar and portal) which is sold both directly to customers and via resellers and implementation partners.

dShop shopping cart system allows organisations to manage all their online financial transactions through a single system featuring a visual catalog system, shopping cart, real-time currency conversion, automatic freight calculations, agent referral, ecommerce gateway processing, feedback service and includes support for tangible products and intangible services such as subscriptions and software licenses.

For details on features included click here.

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